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About us

Our department has a long tradition of teaching psychological subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Faculty of Education. All our courses are available in Czech and English and accessible to both full time and distant students. Our excellent staff consist of researchers, school psychologists, clinical psychologists and therapists who provide state of the art education for preschool teachers, class and subject teachers in primary as well as secondary schools.

You can find all our available courses HERE.

Our staff

Based on the subject you choose to study you can meet various teachers from our department. Please feel free to find more about us HERE.

Most subjects for Erasmus students are currently taught by prof. Michaela Bucková, a well known therapist and teacher who previously worked at the University of Indianapolis, University of Nicosia and Komensky University, and by Dr. David Havelka who is an excellent clinical psychologist who works with children and youths at psychiatric department in Šternberk.

If you are an Erasmus student, your main contact at the department for the administrative purposes is Dr. Iva Žaloudíková.

Our research

We have a long lasting interest in the following topics (cooperation is welcomed):

  • professional development of teachers and the development of teacher´s professional identity (Dr. Mareš, Dr. Lukas, Dr. Kohoutek)
  • the school social climate and classroom climate (Dr. Mareš, Dr.Lukas. Dr. Bartošová)
  • children pre-concepts of various phenomena (dr. Krása)
  • moral distress in teachers (Dr. Bartošová, Dr. Mareš)
  • self-harming behavior and suicide in adolescents (Dr. Bartošová)
  • thematic apperception test (Dr. Fikarová)


In this temporary emergency situation regarding the coronavirus disease, the acting contact for the organization of English psychology courses will be Tereza Škubalová.

The courses SZ6603 Developmental Psychology and SZ6609 Social Psychology will be taught via online form of education. On Friday 3/16/2020 some study materials will be made available in the IS MU, further instructions will follow.

It should be possible to complete the courses even from abroad, but if you decided to discontinue your studies at MU, please let us know.

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